3DSA – Innovation in Anchoring Systems

We are grateful to the Scottish Government and Carbon Trust’s Floating Wind Joint Industry Project (Floating Wind JIP) for selecting The Floating Wind Technology Company (FWTC) and RCAM Technologies among the winners of the technology acceleration competition.

FWTC, RCAM Technologies, and their supporting partners will collaborate to develop a concrete suction anchor, fabricated using novel 3D printing techniques. This consortium will focus on developing the design of the anchor, identifying transport and installation options, and establishing the expected cost savings relative to conventional anchors.

Modular Concrete Substructure


This project is led by RCAM Technologies that received an award by The National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium to develop an innovative substructure for offshore wind turbines.   This project will develop and assess the feasibility of innovative concrete additive manufacturing methods, and more conventional methods for building an offshore wind turbine tower and integrated foundation on-site.

Scope of The Project

We are supporting this project by providing load assessments of this innovative substructure.  The two-year project scope includes the conceptual design, preliminary design, and feasibility assessment of the fixed-bottom, suction-bucket support structure, and heavy-lift-vessel alternative for a 15-MW class turbine.  RCAM’s advanced foundation lowers the cost of support structures, develops an alternative solution for heavy-lift vessels, mitigates installation noise concerns, readily scales to larger turbines and deeper installations, and increases local content, manufacturing, and jobs.